I was very new to the world of astrology and Aditi made it so easy for me to follow the reading which included just the right amount of detail. She exudes passion for what she does and for astrology and is incredibly knowledgeable. Thanks Aditi, for your amazing work!

Andrea Lee

Founder & Writer at
Organic Beauty Lover

The relationship reading I received from Aditi was simply fascinating. I learned so much about the strengths and areas of difficulty in our relationship and WHY. Aditi gave me a clear path on ways we can handle difficult situations in a better way, and she goes above and beyond to deliver the message in a kind and compassionate way. Aditi notices all the details, and took the time to answer any follow up questions I had about what I learned. I will definitely be getting more readings from Aditi in the future! Thank you!


CO-Founder & Writer at DETOX DETECTIVES

My Solar Return reading with Aditi was wonderful. I went into it expecting one thing and came out with another. It’s not necessarily what you may want to hear, but it’s what you’ll need to hear, because you can’t control what the stars have in store for you. I knew as she was reading my chart that everything she was saying was 100%. It was confirmational and informative. There were things that I wanted to accomplish this year, and realized that it may not be the most feasible. As things came up for me, I was able to reflect back and realize how it all made sense. I would definitely get a Solar Return Chart Reading from Aditi again, as they are very detailed and spot on.


I enjoyed it and felt it was the perfect amount of time for a first reading. I liked that it was a general and positive outlook on how the stars align with someone’s soul. I’m not into fortune-telling and this reading is absolutely not that! All of my questions were answered and there were even some parts of my life I didn’t even know I had questions about (siblings/communication) that were also answered.



My natal chart reading was eye-opening, meditative, healing. Perspective on current life events using my natal chart was more therapeutic than I had anticipated. Better than therapy cause all your cards are on table. What I liked most about my natal chart was the personal attention to detail. Overall session was very relaxed and the flow was natural. Aditi gave her full attention and her presence was felt. Can sense the prep work that went into my reading and the passion Aditi has in her craft. She is also a very strong professional. I would have expected someone with 20+ years reading on the other side of the phone. Confidence, certainty. The insight into workplace and career was spot-on with what I came into the session seeking. With Aditi’s guidance, I now possess clarity into blocks that have stood in the way of my having a fulfilling experience in the workforce. Inaction has been the name of my game for so long and after my session with Aditi, I feel ready to start to construct the roadmap to building on the next stage of my life. The information was clear, concise, and understandable. It’s a lot to take in but I was able to follow along easily and was warmly welcomed to ask questions. Transitions were well-executed. Felt very satisfied after the reading. The value is certainly apparent. Expectations were exceeded. So grateful for Aditi’s insight and knowledge. In my session, my inner consciousness began to surface. Some of what was coming up was dormant and kind of shook my being in a way I needed and all the while Aditi kept me grounded and in a way, blossom. Very talented and insightful, Aditi is going to take the astrological world by storm. The big guns have come to play. Very excited for all that is in store for Zodichat.



It was my first natal chart reading and I feel like I learned SO much and had all of my questions answered in the time allotted. As a newbie, I can say it was perfect! I took notes as we chatted too and reviewed it all after the fact which also helped. I liked how you walked me through the symbols, how the chart is read and all the houses and their meanings. I love how our conversation was fluid. I had questions that I gave you ahead of time but you still followed what spoke to you on the chart while also working towards addressing my questions which I really appreciated. I liked this because it made me realize that maybe there were some things I needed to be more aware of. Kind of like, my questions I asked were important to me, but you also showed me what else I needed to pay attention to.



Aditi gave me a thorough reading. Astrology is clearly her passion because when she speaks about you, she walks you through the mechanics of how she read your charts. She was able to tell so much about me and my karmic life by just looking at my charts. I'd recommend her to anybody looking for their North Star.


Director of Communications at Tendermint | @Chjango on Instagram

Aditi is a knowledgeable astrologer that provided me with useful and deep insight into myself and my relationship. She has the keen ability to translate complicated information into simple, modern language. She takes the time to thoroughly answer questions. I'd highly recommend her personalized expertise if you're looking to explore astrology at a deeper level.


Founder & Instructor at Northwoods Yoga 

I had never done anything like this before and was unsure what to expect but Aditi made everything so clear and positive that I want to do it again! It also helped me make sense of some weird stuff that was happening in my life! Aditi is so calming, clear and supportive. I felt so focused after and excited for what was to come. I also found it fascinating to learn how spot on my personality was based on the time and date of my birth! That weirdly made me more secure in who I am. You are so welcoming, supportive and you can feel you truly love what you do and truly have a gift for it!

Cynthia Besteman 

I just had a Solar Return reading with Aditi, (my second reading with her). I am always amazed by how well she explains everything, and with how much the readings resonate with me. I feel relieved at how much clarity I now have on the upcoming year. I am looking forward to doing this reading every year!

Lauren Friedwald 

Founder & Writer at Lyme, Body and Soul |
Writer & Contributer for MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, The Mighty and Thrive Global

I truly enjoyed my reading experience. Every aspect of my personality was perfectly portrayed and studied. The reading helped me think of the improvements I have to make and the advantages I have to build on!


I loved my reading, it was wonderful and spot on! I really appreciated Aditi sending me my charts, explaining things so that I understood everything she was talking about and referring to.


I did a natal chart reading with Aditi, my first one ever, and it was such a unique experience to chat with someone about myself when I felt like they already knew me! I really enjoyed it, specifically for the in-depth look at my chart that showed parts of my personality, but also for the look at what was going on ‘today.’ I’ve never gotten that before so it was fresh and new. Since this was my first reading, I wasn’t 100% sure what kinds of questions were best, but we talked about the big stuff so I’m happy. I liked how knowledgeable you were about everything, but also how you were intuitive to what I was sharing. Aditi was very receptive to my comments and questions, and the reading was both comfortable and fun as it progressed. Aditi definitely knows her stuff, and it shows when she starts reading your chart!


The reading was amazing and very insightful from many aspects. I felt very tuned into your messages and I could feel that you genuinely care. I also feel you were very tuned into the energies present within my chart and relayed those immaculately. Your energy was soothing and I am so grateful for this experience as it opened my eyes to so many other aspects of my life where I can grow, where I can shift, and where I can release. I loved how deep you went into things. You are very intuitive and really touched deep on so many subjects that I was needing clarity on. I loved the way you delivered the information to make it understandable for me and how you explained the connections within my chart while providing guidance for present and upcoming events. I appreciated how you were able to explain connections within my chart that I never would have been able to piece together on my own. You answered all my questions I had and questions that I didn't even realize I had. Before this reading there were so many aspects of my life where I was feeling lost in a fog and you delivered messages so synchronistic to my situation.

Kaelin Michele

Artist, Painter, Creative & Founder of
Kaelin Michele Mixed Media Art 

I did a 1-hour relationship reading with Aditi. I enjoyed how comprehensive she was. She knew I was a bit into astrology so she made sure to incorporate some astrological terms and planet placements into the reading. It felt like talking to a friend and 1 hour flew by so fast I feel like I need another one soon! Thank you Aditi for the help and understanding and hope to talk to you again in the future!

Yishan Lo 

The reading was amazing and far exceeded my expectations. Aditi really knew her stuff and she was super easy to talk to! Everything felt eerily accurate and I totally enjoyed it. I’ve done the online natal charts before and felt like they didn’t give me much info. This was so customized and I felt like Aditi fully understood me and the chart. She did a great job explaining the chart and making it super accessible. I can’t wait to book my next reading!


Founder of Svati Organics

The reading was fascinating! I learned so much more detail about my natal chart than I ever knew before! I really enjoyed our talk and it was great to get confirmation on some things I already suspected, but also learn a lot of new things about myself and the details of my natal chart! I loved that everything was presented in a very logical, methodical way, that was easy to understand and follow. There was a perfect balance between explanation, and allowing time for questions.



I felt like I got a very good overview of astrology and also of my natal chart. It was interesting to learn what my chart ‘said’ and how that related to how I view myself. It was kinda like a view of myself from both the outside and the inside! Cool stuff! Besides revealing new aspects of myself that I had yet to fully recognize (or maybe accept), the reading also confirmed what I already felt to be true. It was reassuring to hear a reader verbally express what I have been feeling about my life all along. Another thing was that I never felt judged by you at any time. Having your chart read can feel a bit vulnerable but you made me quite comfortable and relaxed. I found learning about how my planetary placements related to one another very interesting. It was good to hear what each individual placement expressed, but it really came together for me when you tied all the pieces together: the aspects, signs, houses, planets etc. It felt more like we were investigating together rather than you just telling me what was true. As you were interpreting my chart, I kept remembering examples from my past of what you were saying. A few times, it was uncanny!

Lindsey Ridgeway 


Excellent! I loved how thoroughly each topic was covered. As soon as I had questions come up it’s like you intuited them and answered them right away. You felt dialed in and speaking from a combination of your knowledge and channeling divine wisdom. I liked how no stone was left unturned! I’m the type where I love all the details and finer nuances of how things are and relate to each other. I loved the zooming out from the micro to the macro throughout the reading. I felt like I was on a journey through the cosmos! So clear, concise, and relatable. I can’t think of anything I would change. I liked how you outlined what we would cover at the beginning of our call, and I enjoyed your overview of the terminology and basic understandings of the planets/houses we were to cover.


My reading was extremely accurate and gave me insight and clarification on a lot of life situations. It was very informative and also really fascinating. I really enjoyed how Aditi explained everything to me and answered questions I had to follow along on the chart! You helped to walk me through each step. I learned so much!


I really enjoyed my natal reading with Aditi. The chart was explained in a very clear and concise manner. It confirmed a lot of what I already knew about myself. Now I know the ‘why’ behind what I'm feeling and how I do things. It gave me confidence that I am moving in the right direction.


Real Estate Controller

Aditi knows her stuff! First off, her enthusiasm and passion for astrology is palpable and I really felt seen and held during my natal chart reading recently. Next, she’s thorough and asked clarifying questions to make sure I was receiving what I was seeking from the reading. And finally, she’s really great to talk to; like a fun friend who happens to have a lot of astrological dirt on you!


Founder of Yes, Wolf Spirit