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What is a natal chart?

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What is a zodiac?

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What is a horoscope?

Yes, it matters immensely that you have your exact birth time and birthplace as written on your birth certificate. Even a few minutes off on a birth time could certainly make a huge difference on the inaccuracy of an astrological reading. Guesses and estimates definitely make it more questionable to create a Natal Chart which relies on accurate birth times to show actual cosmic influences and astrological signatures in a given time.

To adequately prepare for your astrological reading, I would need you to provide me your exact birth time and date (hour and minutes, AM or PM, month, day and year) as well as exact location (city, state and country) of your birth. This is how I am able to see exactly where the planets were at your time of birth and be able to answer your questions as accurately as possible.


Why do I need my exact birth time for a reading? Does it really matter that much?

Please send me a message through my Contact form so I can help assist you with this.


I have tried many ways to get my exact birth time and still can’t find it. What do I do now?

It depends. If you are booking a Relationship Reading, Relocation Reading, and/or an Electional Reading, then you do not have to have a Natal Chart Reading with me.

However, if you want to have a Solar Return Reading, it would not make as good a sense as when you couple it with a Natal Chart Reading. If you have extenuating circumstances such as you already have had a Natal Chart Reading before and you know your personal astrology, then you do not need a Natal Chart Reading with me. Your prior knowledge would be helpful for you when analyzing and evaluating your Solar Return Chart. Otherwise, I highly encourage that a Natal Chart Reading with me would be your first appointment with me.

For all Astrological readings you do with me, you will need to have your exact birth time, date and place when you book a reading with me.


Do I have to have a Natal Chart Reading with you first before I do any of the other readings you offer?

Yes, absolutely! For this type of chart reading, I always show current planetary transits (where the planets are right now) in comparison to your natal (birth) chart. The planets are constantly moving and as they move, they have an effect on the planetary placements in our own natal (birth) chart differently. As the planets move, we can have experiences and shifts in different areas of our lives. But again, it all depends exactly where the planets are right now (transits) with relation to where the planets are located in our natal chart and how the two of those compare and interact with one another. You can get a natal (birth) chart reading with me anytime you feel you have questions that need answers right now. There is no limit to how many times you can get a Natal (Birth) Chart Reading with me. It is a common misconception that people think they can only get this reading done once, but as our circumstances and experiences in life change and as the planets keep moving, so do our questions about what we are going through. 


Can I get a Natal Chart Reading with you more than once?

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What is an Astrology-based Tarot Reading?




If the tarot readings you want to add are both allowed as add-ons with the astrological chart reading you would like and the date and time are available to select on my scheduler, then yes, you can absolutely add more than one Astrology-based Tarot Reading to your Astrological Chart Reading. The multiple Tarot Readings you select will be done back to back, in one continuous session, following your Astrological Chart Reading. No Tarot Readings will be done as standalone offerings so please understand when you book these as add-ons, they must be done at the same time, immediately following your Astrological Chart Reading.


Can I add more than one Tarot reading to an Astrological Chart Reading?

When you book a reading with me, the below is what you can expect to happen before our appointment.

An appointment is booked and paid for in full at least one week before the desired meeting time. Clients need to provide their exact birth time, date, birthplace, four specific questions they want answered, contact e-mail and phone number which I can reach you; at the time of making the appointment. You will receive a confirmation email that your appointment is secured as well as two PDF attachments that explain the meaning of the 12 houses in the chart as well as the names of each sign and corresponding symbols. These PDFs are sent so you can familiarize yourself a bit with what we will go over on your chart at the start of your reading. I always want to make sure you are not confused at the start of, during and after your reading. Email and text message reminders will be sent to you approximately 4 days before your appointment and again 24 hours before your appointment date and time. The day before your reading, I email you the astrological chart(s) we are going to use and look at together during your reading.


What can I expect before my reading with you?

I conduct live, in real time, interactive, private one-on-one astrological reading by phone. Each Astrological reading is 1 hour long (up to 25-50 minutes longer after that if you are adding on one, or more than one Astrology-based Tarot Reading).

At the time of your reading, I will call you and we will begin looking at the chart. I will go through and explain your chart to you and answer your four specific questions you asked when you initially booked the reading. I will exhaust these questions and answer them in depth and detail. Not only will your four specific and pressing questions be answered, but you will also have a chance to ask additional clarifying questions. All readings with me are conversational and it is never a lecture where I am the only one talking. I talk with you, not at you.

If you booked one or multiple Astrology-based Tarot readings with me, this will be done immediately after doing your Astrological Chart Reading. Once I am finished with the Tarot reading, you have the option of receiving a picture of the tarot card spread sent to your email. Some people choose that they want to see a picture of how the cards were laid out and others are fine without the picture. The choice is yours. If your Astrological Chart Reading and Tarot Reading add on(s) are scheduled during an evening session with me and lighting is not as sharp, you can opt to have a picture of the tarot spread emailed to you the next day when I can take a picture in natural light so that it is clearer.

Please know and remember that I do not address issues with medical, psychological, legal, moral and/or ethical nature in any of the readings I offer. I ask that clients defer these issues to licensed practitioners. My astrological readings are intended for personal development of clients.


How do you conduct an astrological reading with me?

Yes, you can reschedule your reading date and time with me. You simply go into the confirmation email you received upon booking your appointment and click ‘Change/Cancel Appointment’ which is the first button of the three clickable buttons at the bottom. Know that you may not reschedule/cancel an appointment 48 hours or less before we are scheduled to talk without being subject to paying 75% of the price of the Astrological Reading. The chart readings I do take in to account where the planets will be on the day of your reading, so if you try to reschedule to sometime in the future, with 48 hours or less of notice to me, that is time wasted that I have already spent on preparing and analyzing. Please read the item below carefully to familiarize yourself with my Cancellation Policy. Thank you so much.


Can I reschedule my reading date and time with you? If so, how do I do that?

If you still have questions after reading through the FAQ, please complete a Contact Form and I’ll be in touch!


If I still have additional questions, how can I reach you?

Everyone’s time is valuable. Your time, my time – anyone that is breathing. All of our time is precious. The work I do as a Professional Astrologer to answer any questions you might have before you book a reading, back and forth email communication, preparation/calculations/assessment/analyzation of your chart focusing on your specific questions you want answered ahead of the reading and the reading itself all take precision, detail and time. The type of services I offer here are unique in that a majority of the work is done ahead of time before being presented and shared with you at the time of your in real-time reading with me.

With that said, I have a strict cancellation policy that if you cancel your appointment 48 hours or less before we are scheduled to talk, you will only be refunded 25% of the total amount of your Astrological Chart Reading. This means you will still have to pay 75% of the total price of your Astrological Chart Reading. If you schedule one or more of the Tarot Reading Add Ons along with your Astrological Chart Reading, and you cancel that appointment 48 hours or less before we are scheduled to talk, the Tarot Reading Add On will be 100% refunded, but the Astrological Chart Reading portion of your appointment booking will only be refunded 25% and you will still have to pay 75% of that.


A) If you pay $197 for an Astrological Chart Reading with me and you cancel 48 hours or less before we were scheduled to talk, I will only issue you a refund of $49.25
B) If you pay for an Astrological Chart Reading (worth $197) + Tarot Reading Add On (worth $45) with me and you cancel 48 hours or less before we were scheduled to talk, I will only issue you a refund of $94.25)

Please kindly make sure that you are positive on the date and time you want to schedule in for a reading with me. While I do understand and have compassion for the fact that circumstances come up which are sudden and out of one’s control, thereby altering a person’s schedule, there will be no exceptions made to this Cancellation Policy. Thank you so much for understanding.


What is your Cancellation Policy?

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Why are Tarot Readings offered as an add-on with an Astrological Chart Reading?