I conduct live, in real-time, interactive private astrological chart reading consultations. These consultations are by appointment, scheduled and purchased at least one week in advance. This lead time is used to prepare, analyze and evaluate your chart and specific questions. I use the Tropical Placidus method of Western Astrology in all the readings. I customize consultations to meet your needs, wants and desires when possible. All consultations are live, interactive and conducted by phone. I do not touch on matters regarding medical, legal or psychological issues which are best addressed with licensed practitioners. I help you discover potentials and possibilities in your astrological chart and answer your four specific questions. Please book your private time with me here online. I look forward to working with you.

(Pricing includes preparation time, the live reading consultation, email communication, and detailed answers to your four specific questions. The nature of the questions directs my focus on your most pressing issues and concerns).