Thanks so much for wanting to get to know me better. I am Aditi Giasotta, Founder and Creator of Zodichat.

I imagine that you are here on my About Me page to know why I am engaged in the study and practice of the complexity and wisdom of Astrology. I also want to be clear that I am speaking of the Tropical Placidus method in Western Astrology. I wonder if your interest in how my sharing this insightful and helpful healing art with you benefits both of us. I certainly hope so.

I hope an answer exists to questions asked by people who seek to work with me, provided these queries are not related to medical, psychological, legal, moral and ethical matters. I defer the latter areas of concern to licensed practitioners.

So, here we go...

Everyone has a first step in new beginnings. Mine happened when I took an interest in Astrology all the way back in the beginning of middle school. Both of my parents were born and raised in India where it was commonplace to do astrological readings for personal, relationship and business insight. As was the common practice for prenuptial arrangements, my parents consulted an astrologer before they set a wedding date. Once I understood the role Astrology played in my parents’ lives, I followed in their footsteps by learning more about it and how I could use it in my own life.

 I started to read more horoscopes around this time and I perused more books on Astrology as well. I loved learning about the different Astrological Signs of the Zodiac, and how the character traits of Sun Signs were expressed by various people. I became intrigued by the symbols and glyphs representing the mythology and stories that accompanied each Sign. I wanted more.

 Years later, my curiosity in Astrology sustained itself. In 2015, I sought a true astrological reading that was so different from what I had gleamed in magazines and online. My consultation was conducted live, in real-time, interactive and private one on one. I received an overall truth about myself as a person, my temperament, innate skills and passions. My astrologer did not know who I am in person but my birth chart introduced me to her quite accurately. I understood how to get out of my comfort zone and move towards accepting the lessons of my challenges. I discovered my soul and life purpose, and how I could learn and grow as a person with a greater understanding of who I am. I gained an appreciation on how I am unique as a person, how to continue to push myself and not stay stagnant in life, and how to keep transforming and have fun while doing it.

I became very intrigued and impressed at how much the natal chart could tell me about myself. The reading was very relevant to my questions. I saw how it reflected my life experiences through that day. How could someone know all of this about me so clearly? The reading answered my questions about the significant current events in my life. I had wanted to get a natal chart reading done for a long time but I was not sure who to go to, what to ask or how doing so worked. I also realized how specific and accurate my natal chart reading had been, and my interest piqued.

My impression of Astrology then was that the natal chart reading was customized to the person, quite detailed and focused. I had no idea how an actual reading worked, the different type of readings that an astrologer would offer, and where to begin gaining deeper understanding of its insights.

After yet another reading, I began to ask questions more on the techniques and processes involved in an Astrology reading. My astrologer suggested that I might greatly benefit from learning more deeply about Astrology. I became insatiable and I wholeheartedly agreed to take the journeyman’s path. It was natural for me to investigate, analyze and communicate. I literally lived and breathed my curiosity as to how cosmic representations could actually express the possibilities of events occurring in a person’s timeline. I saw the synchronicities around me and within me. Because I noticed, I understood it was my journey to gain full understanding and share this insight with anyone willing to listen.

Fast forward to the present...

I am now engaged in Astrology professionally with clients, of whom many came to my world through being connected initially from the travel, beauty, health and wellness fields. These people came to me for my Astrological services, and of course many others as well from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I consult live, in real time, interactive and private one-on-one readings. I see a huge need to help and bring clarity to people through the lens that Astrology offers about their timelines and corresponding experiences. It is deeply rewarding to be able to show another angle as to why difficulties may be going on in someone’s life, and how he or she can work through them. It is also amazing how insights could bring light to different areas of someone’s life and how layered discoveries help manifest pathways towards their goals. I love to help people see that they can swim with the current of life instead of trying to swim upstream.

Helping people understand and heal their world from the point of view of Astrology is what fuels me to stay on this path as a Professional Astrologer. It is fulfilling to see a client feel relief, heal a part of his or her life, and understand a path to take during our consultation.

If you are ready to discover, appreciate and heal You, I invite you to work with me today.