What is an Astrology-based Tarot Reading?

Astrology is the in-depth study of the human condition as timed by planetary configurations presented by Astronomy. It is the close observation of historical and personal events with the corresponding times and seasons that began since 3000 BC in Babylonia. It is a growing knowledge that thrived in ancient civilizations and continues to amaze people across cultures around the world.

Tarot originated in France and Italy in the 14th century. Because the cards were individually painted by artists and were costly to make at the time, only the nobility were able to enjoy them as playing cards in parlor games. It was not until the 18th century that meanings began to be assigned to the numbered symbols of the four suits corresponding to the four elements as well as the noble men and women of the court, and the themes of the Fool’s journey through life. For the next three hundred years, the tarot evolved as a divination tool. The invention of the printing press made it possible for more people to own a deck of tarot cards as the cost became more affordable.

Timing is very important in Astrology and Tarot. Time is constantly moving or rather we are constantly moving through time and space. Any reading sought by a client seeks answers for the moment and accuracy diminishes with time. The client is part of a world whose players could impact the client’s choices and decisions. This makes a client’s path through life constantly changing as well.

When Tarot is combined with Astrology in a reading, insightful intuition and predictive timing become a powerful combination in seeking answers to life’s questions. When the querent (the client) seeks information, the more specific the questions are, the more specific the answers become. Astrology-based Tarot Readings serve to clarify astrology readings, providing another layer of insight and surfacing actionable plans for consideration on time.

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