What is a Horoscope?

The word ‘horoscope’ is derived from Latin in which ‘horo’ means hour and ‘scope’ means view. It is literally a view of the hour. As there are 24 hours in a day or 1440 minutes, imagine the possibilities of events considering anything can happen in a minute. The commonly read horoscope gives that possibility for a day from the position of the Sun and accompanying planets through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. In astrological chart reading consultations, the horoscope used is called for by the reading and a chart is created to show a two-dimensional view.

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A horoscope is a map of the zodiac. It shows the placements of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as relevant to the reading consultation by specific date, time and place. When I write my all signs horoscopes each month, I use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Universal time. I also use the Tropical Placidus method in Western Astrology. My monthly horoscope reading is a general one as it only looks at global influences that are present in the world as a whole. To have a more individually oriented horoscope and interpretation, have a Natal Chart Reading done.

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Ideally, the horoscope shows potential societal and behavioral patterns we may experience collectively and individually at any given time. A well-crafted horoscope with insightful view of the moment shows us cosmic influences that may color any learning experiences, from the perspective of a chosen time, day and place. As we have free will to work with these cosmic energies, we essentially manifest the potentiality of probabilities based on our actions and presence. It is always up to us to gleam relevant insights we want to take from our personal  horoscope that might indicate a favorable path to navigate our life moving forward.

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